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Terms of Trade

  1. Generel Information

Tech Made Simple ApS
Holmegårdsvej 39
DK-3100 Hornbæk
VAT no.: 40687939

In case of sold-out items, supplier failure, or delayed delivery, Tech Made Simple ApS endeavors to promptly inform the customer about the situation and how the parties can resolve the issue, for instance, through credit of the purchase.

If the webshop displays the text “TEST” on products or at checkout, any order to Tech Made Simple ApS is considered invalid. Any monetary amount paid during the “TEST” display will be fully refunded as soon as possible.

Pricing Errors

If a price is obviously erroneous, and the customer should have reasonably realized this, Tech Made Simple ApS is not obligated to deliver the product at the wrong price.


Possible payment options:

– Mastercard
– Mastercard/VISA Debit
– Tech Made Simple Gift Card

Paying with a payment card is free of charge for private cards issued in the EEA.

Fees up to 3.25% will be charged for card types issued outside the EEA and for business cards issued in the EEA. The fee is disclosed upon entering the card number on the order.

The amount of your purchase will be deducted from your account only when the goods are dispatched.

With bank transfer, you are not protected by the right of opposition. This also applies if you pay via PayPal. Read more about the conditions on PayPal’s website.

Gift Cards

Gift cards from Tech Made Simple ApS are electronically issued and must be redeemed on our website. Redemption takes place during the ordering process or via your account.

Gift cards can be issued for a value from DKK 100 to DKK 3000. If the gift card is used for a purchase of goods of a value less than the deposit, the remaining value will stay on the card.

Gift cards from Tech Made Simple ApS are valid for 2 years from the date of issue and cannot be refilled. Damaged, stolen, or lost gift cards will not be replaced.

Gift cards are issued in accordance with the rules of the Payment Act.


Tech Made Simple ApS uses shipping companies like PostNord for deliveries in Denmark. Tech Made Simple does not deliver to Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and other countries.

If you have selected delivery to a parcel shop where there is no space, your delivery will be redirected to a nearby parcel shop.

Tech Made Simple ApS only delivers to the mainland, bridge-connected islands, and Bornholm.

Tech Made Simple ApS has taken out goods insurance to cover any potential damage or loss of goods during transport.

Special for Business Customers

It is presumed that an order is B2B and therefore not considered a consumer purchase if there is a company name in the billing address.

In case of visible freight damage, a complaint must be made the same day the item is received. For hidden damages, the complaint must be made within 5 working days after receiving the item.

If there is no complaint within the above deadlines, the complaint may be rejected. Complaints about freight damage may also be rejected if the item’s packaging and/or shipment packaging are disposed of before Tech Made Simple ApS is contacted.

The above should be understood in accordance with the buyer’s duty to inspect under Section 51 of the Sale of Goods Act and applies to both civil and commercial purchases for business entities.

Commercial Purchase

If your order includes a VAT number or the billing address shows a company name, you are considered a business customer.

For business customers, the following special conditions apply:

– No right of withdrawal
– 12 months of warranty
– Freight in connection with complaints is at the buyer’s expense
– Business purchases are delivered with delivery, hence there will be a shipping cost regardless of the order’s size
– We charge a card fee of 3.25% for customers using business cards.
– Gift cards are not redeemable.

Termination of Subscription

Irrespective of the basis, upon termination of a subscription to which equipment is loaned, this equipment must be returned to Tech Made Simple ApS within 5 business days after the termination.

If the equipment is not returned on time, Tech Made Simple will issue an invoice for the missing equipment at the full price.

Right of Withdrawal

As a consumer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you shop with us. This follows the Consumer Agreement Act.

The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day you received your item. If you have ordered several different items in the same purchase, but they are delivered separately, the period runs from the day you received the last item.

The deadline implies that you have 14 days from receipt to inform us that you wish to withdraw your purchase. You do this by filling out a withdrawal form found on our support portal. If the link does not work, you can fill out our standard withdrawal form and send it by email to You cannot cancel the purchase by refusing to receive the item without notifying us at the same time.

Zoe Family Subscription

An extraordinary 30-day right of withdrawal is granted on the Zoe Family subscription, allowing the consumer to test the solution in the household without financial risk. The start date of the subscription can be seen at If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the equipment must be returned in the same condition it was received, i.e., with the original packaging, cables, material, etc. If the equipment is not received in a new condition, the right of withdrawal for the started subscription lapses.


Once you have informed us that you wish to withdraw your purchase, you have 14 days to return the item to us.

You must pay for the return package, and you are liable if there is damage during transport. You can order a return label from us from our portal If you purchased your return label from us, we are liable for any damage during transport, provided that the item was properly packaged. Read more about the requirements for the item’s condition upon return below.

The package must be sent with delivery to our address, we recommend PostNord, GLS, or Bring. Packages delivered to a parcel shop or parcel locker will not be picked up.

No Right of Withdrawal

These agreements cannot be withdrawn:

– Delivery of goods made to your specifications or clearly personalized
– Delivery of goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly
– Purchases made as business transactions
– Service deliveries (including subscriptions) that have started
– Gift cards issued in connection with bundles, competitions, and sales promotions cannot be redeemed for cash.

Condition of the Item when Returned

When you return the item, it must be in a sellable condition and as new. This means that you may test the item in the way necessary to establish its nature, characteristics, or the way it works. In other words, you may try the item in the same way as if you inspected it in a physical store, but the item must not be used.

If you have tested the item in a different way than described above, and this has caused its value to decrease, you are responsible, and

you will only receive part of the purchase amount back. In some cases, this may mean that you will only receive the shipping costs.

We recommend that you return the item in the original packaging. If the original packaging is missing, it may potentially decrease the value of the item since it could be damaged during transport, for which you will be liable. Note that this especially applies to fragile electronic components.

It is required that products configured or set up at your request be reset to factory settings before being returned due to withdrawal.

Refunding the Purchase Amount

If you withdraw your purchase, you will receive your money back. If the item’s value has decreased, we will deduct the amount you are liable for.

We aim to refund all payments received from you in connection with the purchase, excluding delivery costs, within 14 business days after receiving the returned item and processing your withdrawal request.

We will automatically refund the money to the same payment method you used for the purchase.

The item is sent to:

Tech Made Simple ApS
Holmegårdsvej 39
DK-3100 Hornbæk

We only receive packages sent directly to the address. We do not accept packages sent cash on delivery.

Warranty Claims

When you shop with us as a consumer, the rules of the Sale of Goods Act apply to the purchase of goods. This means you have a 24-month warranty.

Please create a warranty claim or contact us before sending the item. If your warranty claim is valid, it means you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, receive a refund, or a price reduction, depending on the specific situation.

For products that have a serial number, it is a condition for your warranty claim that the product can be identified. If the serial number is no longer present on the product and you cannot provide it, Tech Made Simple ApS cannot process your warranty claim.

You must claim within a “reasonable time” after discovering the error. If you claim within two months after discovering the error, the claim will always be timely.

There may be a test fee of DKK 250 per half-hour including VAT (however, a maximum of DKK 500 including VAT) if the submitted product is tested flawlessly by Tech Made Simple ApS or it is established that the warranty is not applicable.

If the cause of the error or defect is due to the product suffering physical damage, liquid damage, or has been handled in a manner contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications, we may also charge a test fee.

Always test if the error may be due to programs, drivers, or other installations not originally installed on the product. We test all machines by restoring them to their original configuration. The test fee is based on the time used for testing and troubleshooting.

Condition of the Item for Warranty Claims

Remember to package the item securely with all accessories, such as cables, readable media, and the like, associated with the product being claimed.

Damage to products caused by operational or handling errors, modifications, installation of third-party software, or gross misuse is not covered by the warranty.

Remember to take a copy/backup of all data. Tech Made Simple ApS cannot be held responsible for lost data and other indirect consequential damages that items sold by Tech Made Simple ApS may have caused unless it is directly required by Danish law.

The item is sent to:

Tech Made Simple ApS
Holmegårdsvej 39
DK-3100 Hornbæk

You can order a return label from us from our portal

Note that 12 months of warranty apply to business customers.

Privacy Policy

If you wish to read our privacy policy, you can do so here:


If you as a consumer want to complain about your purchase, you must contact If we are unable to find a solution, a complaint regarding an item or service can be filed with:

Nævnenes Hus
Mæglingsteamet for Forbrugerklager
Toldboden 2
8800 Viborg

– via the Complaints Portal for Nævnenes Hus:

The Mediation Team will attempt to resolve the dispute through mediation, and if it is not successful, you can bring the complaint to the Consumer Complaints Board. As a rule, it is a prerequisite for the complaint that the item or service you are complaining about costs at least DKK 1,110 and at most DKK 100,000. For complaints about clothes and shoes, the price must as a rule be at least DKK 720.

The amount limits are subject to change. You must pay a fee to have the complaint processed.

The EU Commission’s online complaint portal can also be used when filing a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. File a complaint here. When filing a complaint, you must provide our email address

Annex 1 Standard Withdrawal Form

This form is only completed and returned if the right of withdrawal is exercised.

To: Tech Made Simple Aps, Holmegårdsvej 39, DK-3100 Hornbæk,

– I/we hereby declare that I/we wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in connection with my/our purchase agreement regarding the following items/delivery of the following services:

[Item/Service #1] [Item/Service #2] …
Order number
Ordered on
Received on
Consumer’s name (Consumers’ names)
Consumer’s address (Consumers’ addresses)
Consumer’s signature (Consumers’ signatures) (only if the content of the form is notified on paper)

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