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-and is there really no difference in what you use the screen for?

This is the eternal question we as parents ask ourselves. We want to make sure that our children are ready for the digital age and learn how to use digital devices, on the other hand we are bombarded with studies and information on how, how much and for what, both we and our children must use digital devices.

It is not easy to find head and tail in, and so far there is no conclusion either. Therefore, we may need to individually consider how, how much and what we spend our time on. For example, there may be the development of both competence and learning by wasting learning games, whereas on the other hand there may be an increase in aggression and bad mood from being passive and looking at screens, such as cartoons or Youtube.

There is no one size fits all and instead of just giving it all up, tools like Zoe can help to form an overview and hat out in the bad screen habits and allow the good ones.

We have found the video below in English, which shows the problem quite well.

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